It is difficult to admit that we are unable to resolve our own problems without help. Sometime we just get stuck and cannot see a way out.

I can see that you are struggling with a difficult issue and are searching for someone who may be willing to work with you, perhaps guide you to find the tools and the solution to your pain. You have taken the first step and have recognized that you deserve to be healthy; you deserve to be respected and to have others treat you with love and understanding.

How do you get them to do that? How do you get beyond the heavy pain that is pressing on you? How do you change your behavior so that you can get the love and acceptance that you deserve?

By asking these questions, you have opened the door to other possibilities. It is possible for you to have love and fulfillment in your life. The path may be challenging and occasionally uncomfortable, but you are hurting now. It is time to get beyond this pain and finally feel good about your self. We can work together toward this goal and other goals that you may have. With guidance, you can learn how to deal with your feelings and develop skills to create a better you and a healthier environment for those that you care for. It is time to stop hurting and start enjoying life. I am here for you Monday through Saturday.

Allow me to be your guide toward your goals and your peace, please feel free to call me at 714-847-5350

Before Before Psychology

After After Psychology

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