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A good martial artist brings peace to a situation.”

Peace, what a beautiful word and thought. We have struggled to find peace in our relationships, our work, our pleasure and ourselves. Have we been successful in this quest? Sometimes we have, and sometimes peace alludes us. It just slips through our grasping fingers like so much water. A sense of frustration can develop when striving for this feeling of peace. This is like rushing to get to yoga class so you can hurry up and relax; this is almost a paradox.

What is peace to you? Do you really know when you feel at peace? Perhaps there was a time in your life when you felt connected and ok with yourself. You were at peace at that moment. You may have tried to recreate that sense of peace by returning to that same activity, person or place, but the peace was not to be had the second time or the next. Did you give up or are you still searching?

Perhaps peace cannot be found. Well, that sounds depressing. Are we just to give up on this search? What would you say if I said, ‘Yes’? What would you say if I suggested that you stop searching for peace and started creating peace within yourself? Are you up for this challenge?

We create a sense of peace within ourselves by acts of acceptance, recognition and kindness. Purposeful actions wherein we accept the goodness of ourselves and recognize that we are continually growing and developing will allow us to feel connected to ourselves and to others. These purposeful actions develop our spirit, body, mind and emotions. They create a better us by improving our connections to ourselves and others. We then feel peace.

This is really about love. How can we expect anyone to love us if we do not love ourselves? Peacefulness is attained by creating our best self and giving that self as a gift to the world through our acts of kindness. Recognize that you are doing this every day by seeing the kindness within your heart. Accept the love from the people and world around you and bring this peace with you where ever you go. Give this gift to yourself and change the world by giving all of us your peace.

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