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Building Blocks

The Building Blocks for Integrated Wellness

We love the feeling of being in the zone, the sensation we have when our actions are effortless. We feel connected and confident. It is the sensation of timelessness when we are surfing a wave and we feel at one with the ocean and the universe. It is the feeling of power and peacefulness when hitting a tennis ball or a golf ball as if we were just breathing and the ball makes that great sound and flies so powerfully landing just where we wanted it to go. We are working on a project, and the ideas are pouring out of our brain and heart, the project almost creates itself and we experience a wonderful feeling of integration and creativity. These times are moments in our life that we treasure. These wonderful events are the moments when we are being our complete self.

Let us take a moment and look at what is actually happening to create these special moments, moments that we remember, moments that we strive to recreate as often as possible.

We work to keep our bodies in shape with strength training, aerobic activity and stretching. We recognize that our bodies have pain sensors and motion sensors. Our old pain can continue and even increase when these pain sensors constantly fire and send those unpleasant packets of information to our brain. These pain signals diminish when the motion sensors send information of motion to our brain. We realize that keeping our bodies in motion not only strengthens them, but also reduces the pain from old injuries. Movement is life. Flexibility is life. Efficient exercise and chiropractic manipulation causes our motion sensors to work at their best. Our bodies are working at peak performance level as we keep them mobile and flexible.

We are eating in a healthy manner because we know that this healthy nutrition provides our body, mind, heart and spirit with the foundational fuel with which we can seize the fullness of life. High quality food not only tastes good, it is more efficient in bringing us to our goal of enjoying life to the fullest. Selective quality supplementation propels us faster to this goal.

When we say, “That person is a pain in the neck,” we mean it literally. We know that our emotional state of health directly affects our physical, intellectual and spiritual health. Developing a sense of emotional stability and flexibility allows us to have the tools to interact with others in a fulfilling manner. We firmly believe we do not have to be a slave to our past relationships. We take control of our decisions and emotional responses. Working with a psychologist provides us an opportunity to improve our current skills and develop new ones putting us in greater control of our own happiness.

We ask powerful questions in the quiet moments of our life: why am I here, what is the reason for my being? The answers to these questions tell us that we have a purpose, a reason to exist. Life becomes worth living and we experience happiness and fulfillment. Our spirit and intellect grows and develops by this spiritual and intellectual pursuit, allowing us to take the next step.

We have chosen to use these building blocks of our self by integrating the health of our body, mind, emotions and spirit. It feels so powerful to experience our true goal of health and happiness as we put all these blocks together and create an integrated self. Shaping our present and our future by integrating all aspects of our health and experiencing the power of this balance allows us to enjoy each day of our long life.

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