Book Recommendations

Self-Help books that may be of interest to you:

Are you looking for love in all of the wrong places? Perhaps the book,  A General Theory of Love, by Drs Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini and Richard Lannon, may provide a poetic and scientific explanation of why you may be finding the same unhealthy person and how you may be able to change that part of your life.

John Gray’s book, Men Are From Mars and Women Are from Venus, is an interesting beginning book on relationships as long as we remember that we all live on Earth and do have to develop a common language.

Perhaps you, or someone you love, may have a problem with anger. Dr. Hendrie Weisinger’s book, The Anger WorkOut Book, is a great workbook on anger management.

Do you want to stimulate romance and increased sexual pleasure in your relationship? Try these two books by Ellen Kreidman: Light Her Fire and Light His Fire.

Dr. Daniel Siegel and Mary Hartzell have written a wonderful parenting book entitled “Parenting form the Inside Out.”

Abuse And Recovery

  • Battered Women – Walker.
  • Courage to Heal – Bass and Davis.

Addiction And Recovery

  •  Alcoholics Anonymous – Alcoholics Anonymous World Services
  •  Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions – Alcoholics Anonymous World Services

Adult Development

  • Making Peace With Your Parents – Bloomfield & Felder
  •  Necessary Losses – Viorst


  •  It s Better to Be Over the Hill Than Under It – LeShan
  • Thirty-Six Hour Day – Mace & Rabins


  • * Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion – Tavris
  •  Dance of Anger – Lerner


  •  Anxiety Disorders and Phobias – Beck
  •  Don’t Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks – Wilson


  •  Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Back – Alberti & Emmons
  •  Your Perfect Right – Alberti & Emmons

Career Development

  • Staying the Course – Weiss
  • What Color is Your Parachute? – Bolles

Child Development And Parenting

  • To Listen to a Child – Brazelton
  • Toddlers and Parents – Brazelton
  • Parenting from the Inside Out – Siegel & Hartzell


  • Beyond Codependency And Addiction – Beattie
  • Codependent No More – Beattie


  •  Getting to Yes – Fisher & Ury
  •  You Just Don’t Understand – Tannen

Death, Dying, And Grief

  •  How to Go on Living When Someone… – Rando
  • How to Survive the Loss of a Love – Colgrove, Bloomfield & McWilliams


  • Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy – Burns
  •  Feeling Good Handbook – Burns


  • Boys and Girls Book About Divorce – Gardner
  •  Dinosaurs Divorce – Brown & Brown

Eating Disorders

  •  Fat is a Family Affair – Hollis
  •  Why Weight? – Roth


  • Families: Applications of S.L.T. – Patterson
  • Family Crucible – Napier & Whitaker

Friendship, Loneliness And Single Adult Life

  • Intimate Strangers – Rubin
  • Shyness – Zimbardo

Infant Development

  • Infants and Mothers – Brazelton
  • What Every Baby Knows – Brazelton

Love, Intimacy, And Marriage

  • Dance of Intimacy – Lerner
  • Getting the Love You Want – Hendrix

Men’s Issues

  • Hazards of Being Male – Goldberg
  • Seasons of a Man’s Life – Levinson


  • How to Get Control of Time and Your Life – Lakein
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Covey

Positive Thinking And Self-Talk

  • Learned Optimism – Seligman
  • Positive Addiction – Glasser


  • Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth – Kitzinger
  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting – Eisenberg,


  • Advice from a Failure – Coudert
  • Revolution from Within – Steinem

Self-Fulfillment And Happiness

  • Man’s Search for Meaning – Frankl
  • When All You’ve Ever Wanted Isn’t Enough – Kushner


  • Staying Rational in an Irrational World – Bernard
  • What to Say When You Talk to Yourself – Helmstetter


  • For Yourself: Fulfillment of Female Sexuality – Barbach
  • Male Sexuality: A Guide to Sexual Fulfillment – Zilbergeld

Step Families

  • Old Loyalties, New Ties – Visher & Visher
  • Step-by-Stepparenting – Eckler

Relaxation, Stress And Meditation

  • Beyond the Relaxation Response – Benson
  • Relaxation Response – Benson

Teenagers And Parenting

  • All Grown Up and No Place to Go – Elkind
  • Between Parent and Teenager – Ginott

Women’s Issues

  • Second Shift – Hochschild & Machong
  • Too Good for Her Own Good – Bepko & Krestan