About Me

A little something about me.

Anger, pain, sadness and frustration, these maybe some of your feelings and you are looking for anger management and pain relief so that you can have a healthier, happy life.

My name is Dr. MarcAndré Bock and it is my pleasure to assist you in developing your true self while you work toward healing your pain. Your search has brought you here and your courage has allowed you to begin your next step to a new level. You can relieve your physical and emotional pain and grow beyond your anger. You can find a sense of peace and release your frustration. With enhanced communication skills, you can connect with others in a loving manner. You can find that which you are searching for, an integrated self with physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual fulfillment and enhancement.
Your quest has led you to this place; your passion to have happiness in your life propels you to embrace this next step to a new level of health. Now is the time to act. Now is the time to choose Integrated Wellness.

I have chosen to utilize my knowledge and experience of physical science, psychological science, spirituality and martial arts in order to create an integrated approach that guides individuals to heal their mind, their body, their heart and their spirit. This dynamic and insight orientated path continues to assist many in their quest for personal growth, improved communication skills, healthier relationships, and relief from pain. Having a dual practice as a chiropractor and clinical psychologist, I am available to you or your loved ones who have experienced physical and/or psychological pain. My chiropractic practice focuses on spine and extremity injuries and stress related problems for those who have physically injured themselves at home, at play, at work, or in a vehicle. My psychology practice focuses on anger, conflict management, communication issues, anxiety and depression. I work with individuals, couples and families. Call me today to improve and integrate your physical, psychological and spiritual health.

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae